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Alternatives (11) Education (2) Entertainment (11)
FreeBSD (8) Holiday stuff (1) IT information (14)
Linux (1) Mac (9) Privacy (3)
Programming (6) Search engine (2) Security (23)
Spam (4) Standards (1) tips & tricks (7)
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tips & tricks

  • 13 Things Every Email User Should Know (808)
    Gives this to all the people who send you stupid emails, hoaxes, fakse virus warnings, etc.
  • ASCII charts and more (856)
    ASCII Chart, IBM PC Keyboard Scan Codes, IBM PC Extended ASCII Display Characters, Converting Hex to Decimal, Converting Hex to Octal.
  • (347)
    Hacks an exploits for devices, IoT and more.
  • How To Ask Questions The Smart Way (570)
    ESR (Eric S. Raymond) shows us how to write smart questions, in a newsgroup, on a mailing list, etc. Good advice here!
  • NoMoa's OpenBSD (655)
    Use these notes as a guide to learning how to install and get your OpenBSD system up and running. After that, do some more research on the OpenBSD mailing lists, on the Internet and practise safe Computing.
  • Spamgourmet - disposable email addresses (560)
    spamgourmet - self-destructing disposable email addresses,
    titanium strength spam blocking, very short learning curve
  • ThinkWiki (2,451)
    ThinkWiki is the Wiki web for ThinkPad users.

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