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  • JAP - Anonymity & Privacy (737)
    Web Surfing without Traces

    We offer an easy to use Open-Source software for everybody: JAP helps to protect your privacy and covers all digital traffic. Most existing systems for anonymous communication reduce the security to achieve higher performance. Our final system provides strong anonymity; i.e. the system withstands so-called traffic analysis. That means, even an adversary who could eavesdrop any Internet communication or link will not get any information about who is communicating with whom.
  • The RFID FAQ (728)
    The non-technical FAQ on RFID.
  • TMDA - Tagged Message Delivery Agent (753)
    TMDA is an OSI certified software application designed to significantly reduce the amount of SPAM/UCE (junk-mail) you receive. As a SPAM filter, TMDA combines a "whitelist" (for known/trusted senders), a "blacklist" (for undesired senders), and a cryptographically enhanced confirmation system (for unknown, but legitimate senders). TMDA strives to be more effective, yet less time-consuming than traditional filters.

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