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Alternatives (11) Education (2) Entertainment (11)
FreeBSD (8) Holiday stuff (1) IT information (14)
Linux (1) Mac (9) Privacy (3)
Programming (6) Search engine (2) Security (23)
Spam (4) Standards (1) tips & tricks (7)
USB (4) Utilities (26) web development stuff (11)
Windows (30) Windows Installer (9)

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  • Art*o*mat (649)
    Don't go Artless thru life!
  • Bad Cinema Diary (652)
    A movie guide for those who believe lower budgets mean better films -- The Cathurian RHQ™ presents the Bad Cinema Diary™

  • CrossFire (885)
    Crossfire is a highly graphical role-playing adventure game with characteristics reminiscent of Rogue, Nethack, Omega, and Gauntlet. It has multiplayer capability and presently runs under X11.
    Clients for Windows, unix (icluding FreeBSD and Linux), Java, etc.
  • Datadocktor'n (742)
    Do you need a break from the insanity of it all? This site will loosen you up a bit. And, if you can read swedish, it will be even more fun!
  • FutureMe (516)
    Send yourself a message to the future!
  • Joe Cartoon (649)
    Into the sick and wrong since 1961
  • Mike's Electric Stuff (762)
    Old electric stuff of all kinds. Very fun!
  • Personal Computer Security (700)
    This might be the ultimate way to secure your PC against theft.
  • Space War, the original from 1962 (675)
    This is the original version! Martin Graetz provided us with a printed version of the source. We typed in in again - it was about 40 pages long - and re-assembled it with a PDP-1 assembler written in PERL. The resulting binary runs on a PDP-1 emulator written as a Java applet. The code is extremely faithful to the original. There are only two changes. 1)The spaceships have been made bigger and 2) The overall timing has been special cased to deal with varying machine speeds.
  • SPAM radio (687)
    SPAM turned into streaming audio. Would be nice if one could force spammers to listen to it 24 hours a day. Oh yeah, the speech synthesizer used sounds like the robotic voice of "Say" on the Amiga...

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