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  • 07-06-05 (693)
    The idea of 070605 is to invite the Norwegian people to participate in the creation of a new liberation this time from a situation, not from another nation.

    The campaign was launched on the 7th of June 2000. The 7th of June is the date of national liberation from Sweden, and the 7th of June 2005 (070605) is the 100th year anniversary.
  • Dictionary (676)
  • FreeOSZoo (700)
    Free Operating Systems Zoo.
    FreeOSZoo provides ready-to-run images of QEMU virtual computers, pre-installed with a Free Operating System and a set of popular free software. To get started, you only need to install QEMU and download a single file from the FreeOSZoo project.
  • Living without Microsoft (1,892)
    This site is for those who, for whatever reason, wish to explore realistic alternatives to using Microsoft software. We plan to provide analyses of various software packages which are as objective as possible and to discuss the benefits and problems you are likely to encounter if you adopt them instead of a Microsoft solution. This site is not an "Anti-Bill-Gates" site, nor is it a Linux Fanatics site.
  • (654) is a private project providing free access to text-only Usenet News. The server has a 100MBit connection to several Internet backbones and is integrated into the Usenet via more than 60 peers.
    Need to find information on your favorite old computer? This is the place to go.
  • (642)
    If you need an old version of a program. or you need someone to file an old version for you.
  • polarhome - gateway to freedom (832)
    Here you can get a free account with ftp, MySQL, PHP etc. Note! This service is for personal use. You can choose an account on FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OpenVMS, Ultrix, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX or a couple of Linux distros. and more operating systems coming.
  • Sugar on a Stick (2,140)
    Sugar on a Stick is a Fedora-based Live USB operating system featuring the award-winning Sugar Learning Platform and designed to fit on an ordinary USB thumbdrive ("stick").
  • The Linux alternative Project (631)
    Formally the Linux Equivalent Project. Provides links to Linux / OSS alternatives to Windows programs.

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