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Alternatives (11) Education (2) Entertainment (11)
FreeBSD (8) Holiday stuff (1) IT information (14)
Linux (1) Mac (9) Privacy (3)
Programming (6) Search engine (2) Security (23)
Spam (4) Standards (1) tips & tricks (7)
USB (4) Utilities (26) web development stuff (11)
Windows (30) Windows Installer (9)

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Top Ten Links

  • (4,008)
    Provides plugins for Geeklog.
  • ThinkWiki (2,450)
    ThinkWiki is the Wiki web for ThinkPad users.
  • Sugar on a Stick (2,139)
    Sugar on a Stick is a Fedora-based Live USB operating system featuring the award-winning Sugar Learning Platform and designed to fit on an ordinary USB thumbdrive ("stick").
  • Q278472 (2,093)
    Packages Assigned to Computers with Group Policy Are Not Installed
  • The GNU Awk User's Guide (2,063)
    This file documents awk, a program that you can use to select particular records in a file and perform operations upon them.
  • USB Sniffer for Windows 98/Windows 2000/Windows XP (2,037)
    Allows you to sniff the traffic between a USB device and your (Windows) machine. From the webpage:
    This source code has been inspired from a USB sniffer for Windows 98. This sniffer is based on the WDM architecture (Windows Driver Model), which supports the insertion of filter between device drivers. And the filter itself is a driver.
  • Living without Microsoft (1,891)
    This site is for those who, for whatever reason, wish to explore realistic alternatives to using Microsoft software. We plan to provide analyses of various software packages which are as objective as possible and to discuss the benefits and problems you are likely to encounter if you adopt them instead of a Microsoft solution. This site is not an "Anti-Bill-Gates" site, nor is it a Linux Fanatics site.
  • USB Vendor ID List (1,822)
    A list of Vendor and Device IDs for USB
  • HTML tricks (1,803)
    The best way to learn HTML is by example, and your browser is
    your best teacher! Whenever you are surfing and see something
    you like, click on your browser's choice to View Source. If you are
    looking at a long complicated page with a lot of columns, etc... it
    can be rather hard to decypher. This section shows you popular
    HTML tricks as stand-alone examples. Just copy and paste the
    source code into your HTML file, and then modify it to meet your
  • Q232143 (1,790)
    Various Error Messages When MSI File Creates and Modifies Files and Registry Keys

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