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 Friday, February 15 2019 @ 21:18 CET

MicroDrive MP3 Player You Talk To

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HardwareThe e.Digital MXP 100 comes with a choice of 340MB, 512MB, and 1GB MicroDrives and is about 25% larger than a Rio 500 flash portable. That makes it small enough to conveniently fit in a pocket, something you can't do with a jukebox player like Creative's Nomad Jukebox. The Nomad is three times larger than the MXP 100 and quite a bit heavier.
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Will that be sleeve or ball bearings?

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HardwareIs your box noisy? If so, the culprit is probably one of the fans inside. If you ever wondered if ball bearing fans make less noise than sleeve bearing ones, you can read this article at Comair Rotron's web site. These people make a living out of providing fans to the electronics industry, so you can rest assured they know NPEL from CFM from dB.

If you wonder what a ball bearing is, you probably shouldn't spend time wondering why it's noisy.
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