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 Tuesday, October 16 2018 @ 02:33 CEST

Manual Keying IPSec on OpenBSD 2.9

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OpenBSD/NetBSDThis is basically an explanation of doing manual keyed IPSec between two OpenBSD 2.9 servers. Due to errors I have found in all IPsec documentation, not to mention much confusion reading them, I have compiled together what worked for me from all of the man pages. This doesn't cover using ISAKMPD -- that will be documented later on.

This isn't the most easy way or flexible way of setting up IPSec, but it is a clearer way and a more controlled way. I went this route when I was having problems with ISAKMPD.
Read the full article at BSD Today.
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OpenBSD/NetBSDFrom After a few months of downtime, has re-opened its doors to the OpenBSD community. Be sure to check out their member-rich forum. I can't seem to get into the site just now, maybe they haven't reopened just yet?
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