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 Saturday, April 20 2019 @ 13:16 CEST

WT-220 - a 'clever' VT-220 terminal

HardwareFrom Hackaday: Behold The WT-220: A ‘Clever’ VT-220 Terminal.

The Whitterm-220 is a nice project. A custom lasercut enclosure, inside is a Raspberry Pi 2 (boots into Arch linux), the official Raspberry Pi 7″ touch screen, two DB9 connectors for RS232 level serial and TTL, enabling it to interface with industry kit and microcontroller projects (the RS232 levels are provided by a MAX3232 level shifter). Both connect to the hardware UART of the Pi. Additionally there are two USB ports and a DC jack connecting to the input of a LM2596 buck converter, providing the Pi with a stable 5V on a range of input voltages. The terminal emulator is cool-retro-term. Nice project!

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WT-220 - a 'clever' VT-220 terminal
Authored by: tingo on Monday, March 25 2019 @ 12:50 CET
And GlassTTY is a nice font for VT220 emulation.
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