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 Saturday, April 20 2019 @ 13:12 CEST

CoCo on a Chip

HardwareAnother nostalgia trip: CoCo on a Chip, or How to build a matchbox CoCo. It uses a Terasic DE0-Nano FPGA board and a couple of daugtherboards (NanoMate, NanoLog). Add a plastic case and you are almost done.

  • PS/2 keyboard
  • PS/2 mouse (if you donít have a real CoCo joystick)
  • VGA monitor or VGA-capable TV
  • 1/8″ male to male stereo audio cable for amp or TV input
  • FAT32 SD card with your favorite CoCo .dsk images and OS-9 images.
then you just need the files you can download.

So what kind of CoCo do you get for this?

  • The most accurate and capable all-hardware Tandy Color Computer 3 clone available.
  • Very compact, cool running temperature
  • Employs Greg Millerís cycle-perfect 6809 core with .89, 1.79, 3.58, 7.16 Mhz rates.
  • 1MB of RAM
  • VGA port
  • 512 colors
  • Up to 640◊480 resolution
  • Up to 80◊60 full color text
  • Double height of any graphics/text mode
  • HQ stereo sound jack for all audio generated by the system, 8 to 12 bits of precision per speaker.
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
  • SD card virtual disks/drives are also mapped to the FDC for high compatibility with floppy-based software.
  • Cassette deck support
  • Two dual-button joysticks
  • Smart hi-res joystick/mouse circuit lets you run ColorMax Deluxe, CoCoMax III, gshell, etc. using your PS/2 mouse without having to toggle any switches.
  • A/V digitizing support
  • 40-bit fixed-point FPU
  • Halt / no-halt GPU draws super fast lines, boxes, filled boxes, memory copies and memory fills.
  • WIFI and bluetooth serial capable.
  • CoCoNet bluetooth disk drives from DOS or OS-9.
  • Reprogram the 8266-01 WIFI module using the Arduino IDE and other flashing utilities, over bluetooth!
  • Runs OS-9/NitrOS-9 and Sock Master demos like a boss.

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CoCo on a Chip
Authored by: tingo on Tuesday, January 08 2019 @ 17:33 CET
For thos who run a CoCo emulator on a Raspberry Pi, a 3D printed CoCo Pi case could be what you need to top off the project. Or one of the others
CoCo on a Chip - case
Authored by: tingo on Tuesday, January 08 2019 @ 17:36 CET
The Matchbox CoCo3 3D printed case is a good match for the Matchbox CoCo FPGA system.
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