rxem - CF card to RXV11 interface

Tuesday, May 15 2018 @ 23:17 CEST

Contributed by: tingo

rxem is a disk drive for a pdp-11 computer. The drive uses modern storage (CF card).

The interface is the same as a RX01 drive, but its not software compatible.
32768 blocks of 512 bytes (16 meg)
Transfer is 512 byte blocks (not 128)
No interleave, no track skew

Included is a modified DX driver called SD (for Solidstate Disk) That has been tested with RT-11 V5.03.

The Idea for this project came from RX11emu By Peter McCollum. His project used a custom board in the PDP-11. and ran on a PC. I use a standard RXV11 interface. (or RX11 but I can't test that) and runs on a small PC board using a ATmega32 AVR processor.