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 Friday, February 22 2019 @ 20:39 CET

PDP8-ES simulator

NewsPDP8-ES simulator - simulation of a pdp8 minicomputer running OS/8. The simulator is designed to run on a ESP32 with OLED and 16MB flash.

The images of an 3 RK05 disks and 2 dectapes are stored into flash partitions of the ESP32. An SD card is supported to store more images and allow files for the simulated PTR: and PTP: devices.

There is a simpler version in the archive dirrectory that wil run on a bare ESP32 devboard. An SD card is supported to copy disk images to the flash partitions.


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PDP8-ES simulator
Authored by: tingo on Tuesday, March 27 2018 @ 20:37 CEST
pdp8mega is a PDP8 Emulator for Arduino Mega.
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