Friday, October 27 2017 @ 18:20 CEST

Contributed by: tingo

iATKOS is an OSX86 Installation Project. It is the easiest way of trying Mac OS X on Intel based regular computers, also known as Hackintosh computers.

OSX86 is a collaborative project to run the Apple’s Mac OS X computer operating systems (10.4 and above) on non-Apple personal computers with x86/x86_64 architecture compatible processors (a.k.a. our PC’s). These systems are called OSX86 systems. Non-Apple computers running Mac OS X (lets say OSX86) are called Hackintosh computers. >> Noob style definition: Install Mac on PC.

iATKOS is the code name of OSX86 installer releases of our team. These installers are used for installing OSX86 systems on Non-Apple personal computers, in other words they are used for installing Mac OS X to our PC's. Simple and all-in-one OSX86 installation for basic and compatible hardware is the aim of iATKOS project.