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 Saturday, April 20 2019 @ 13:14 CEST


NewsOpenDPS is very interesting. It is open source firmware for the DPS5005 programmable power supply module.

It also supports some other members of the family, like the DPS5015. Buyers beware: models are different, the OpenDPS firmware might work on a different model - or it might brick it. OpenDPS is interesting, because it adds support for a serial port (via usb or via an ESP8266 module - wireless), in addition to the fact that since this is open source, it can be improved, enhanced and people can change it if they want to.

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Authored by: tingo on Tuesday, July 18 2017 @ 22:48 CEST
Also see the AAduino, a wireless Arduino clone the size of an AA battery with Keystone battery terminals rotated 180 to act as positive and negative terminals. It is meant to go inside a 3xAA battery holder creating a very small wireless node.
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