DevAssistant - Fedora

Wednesday, June 07 2017 @ 12:39 CEST

Contributed by: tingo

DevAssistant sounds nice.

From the about page: "DevAssistant is a tool that helps you start with developing software — for every project, you need dependencies, a certain file and directory structure, and often some services or the firewall set up. You no longer need to copy commands from lengthy tutorials online before developing any web app, library, or a software tool. Now only one DevAssistant command (or a few clicks in the GUI) and you are done."

DevAssistant is essentially an engine that loads and executes scripts called assistants, one for each workflow you need to cover—the assistants may be tied to programming languages (e. g. C, Java, Ruby, Python), or generic tasks like publishing your code to GitHub. There are a few assistants that are maintained by the DevAssistant upstream developers, and there are more that were created by the community. In Fedora’s repositories, you will find mostly the first kind, packaged under the names devassistant-dap-NAME). Do not worry though, you can easily install third party assistants too.