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 Saturday, April 20 2019 @ 13:17 CEST

OpenBSD 6.1

OpenBSD/NetBSDOpenBSD 6.1 was released on April 11, 2017.

This is the 42nd release of OpenBSD. A random sampling of news / changes follows.
  • nes / extended platforms
    • New arm64 platform, using clang(1) as the base system compiler
    • The loongson platform now supports systems with Loongson 3A CPU and RS780E chipset
    • The following platforms were retired: armish, sparc, zaurus
  • New acpials(4) driver for ACPI ambient light sensor devices
  • New acpihve(4) driver for feeding Hyper-V entropy into the kernel pool
  • New acpisbs(4) driver for ACPI Smart Battery devices
  • New dwge(4) driver for Designware GMAC 10/100/Gigabit Ethernet devices
  • New htb(4) driver for Loongson 3A PCI host bridges
  • New imxtemp(4) driver for Freescale i.MX6 temperature sensors
  • New octmmc(4) driver for the OCTEON MMC host controller
  • New ompinmux(4) driver for OMAP pin multiplexing
  • New psci(4) driver for the ARM Power State Coordination Interface
  • New simplefb(4) driver for the simple frame buffer on systems using a device tree
  • New sximmc(4) driver for Allwinner A1X/A20 MMC/SD/SDIO controllers
  • New tpm(4) driver for Trusted Platform Module devices
  • New uwacom(4) driver for Wacom USB tablets
  • New xbf(4) driver for Xen Blkfront virtual disks
  • Improved ACPI support for modern Apple hardware, including S3 suspend and resume
  • Support for X550 family of 10 Gigabit Ethernet based devices has been added to the ix(4) driver
  • The iwm(4) and iwn(4) drivers now support the short guard interval (SGI) in 11n mode
  • Added a new implementation of MiRa, a rate adapation algorithm designed for 802.11n
  • The iwm(4) driver now supports 802.11n MIMO (MCS 0-15)
  • The athn(4) driver now supports 802.11n, featuring MIMO (MCS 0-15) and hostap mode
  • The iwn(4) driver now receives MIMO frames in monitor mode
  • New switch(4) pseudo-device together with new switchd(8) and switchctl(8) programs
  • Multipoint-to-multipoint mode in vxlan(4)
  • New, simplified xenodm(1) X11 display manager forked from xdm(1)
and more.
(first seen on OSNews)

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