Lightweight Linux distros - antiX

Tuesday, January 17 2017 @ 22:37 CET

Contributed by: tingo

est machine: the same old Dell Latitude D620 laptop. Intel Core 2 (T5500) cpu, 3 GB RAM, 1440x900 display, iwl3945 wireless. I have take out the hard drive (to avoid any accidents), so it only has the usb stick that I insert as storage.

I booted a live image of antiX 16.1 for i386. Display resolution is correct, I had to look around to enable wireless; you will find Wicd Network Manager under Applications, Internet. Wicd is a bit different too, after you click on connect, it warns you that encryption must be configured, after you have done that your'e back again. It took me a few seconds to realize that I had to press the "connect" button again. So wireless works, web browsing works, audio and video (playing a youtube video) works. Changing keyboard layout is difficult without reading the documentation. In a shell I can use the setxkbmap no command, that one works.