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 Monday, May 27 2019 @ 16:20 CEST

PIXEL for PC and Mac

GNU/LinuxPIXEL for PC and Mac is Debian plus PIXEL desktop and works on x86 machines.

For now, just a live image (with persistence as an option).

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PIXEL for PC and Mac
Authored by: tingo on Tuesday, January 10 2017 @ 18:51 CET
Tested with an old Dell Latitude D620 laptop. I took out
the harddrive
(best not to have any accidents), the machine booted
straight from
the usb stick. The desktop comes up, I can select my
network and get online. The screen resolution is correct,
I changed
the keyboard layout with "mouse and keyboard settings"
in prefs - it
works. Chromium works (I'm writing this comment with it).
bluetooth LED on the laptop is lit, and the boot (dmesg)
indicates that the Bluetooth hardware ios found, but I
haven't tested
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