Enterprise - An EFI Linux Loader for UEFI PCs and Macs

Tuesday, January 10 2017 @ 13:52 CET

Contributed by: tingo

Enterprise is an EFI Linux Loader for UEFI PCs and Macs.

Enterprise (named after the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek) is an EFI program that is designed to assist in booting Linux distributions from USB sticks on UEFI-based PCs and Macs, something that is continously regarded as being near to impossible due to quirks in vendors' EFI implementations and really quite poor support from Linux distributions. Using Enterprise, you can create bootable USB drives that boot on a UEFI-based computer without needing rEFIt or rEFInd to be installed.

The program is quite unique. It is written in C, and can be compiled to run on both 32-bit and 64-bit EFI firmware types. Right now, all official downloads are for 64-bit EFI firmware architectures only. Be aware that certain 64-bit Macs have 32-bit EFI firmwares, and the supplied Enterprise binaries won't work on these platforms. source code on Github repository SevenBits/Enterprise.