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 Sunday, November 18 2018 @ 08:02 CET

Fedora 24

GNU/LinuxFedora 24 has been released. Release notes, common bugs.

Articles: Fedora 24 released!, What’s new in Fedora 24 Workstation, Upgrading Fedora 23 Workstation to Fedora 24, Fedora 24 Workstation Review: All Work and Very Little Play.

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Fedora 24
Authored by: tingo on Wednesday, October 05 2016 @ 13:26 CEST
If you run a Fedora 24 Desktop system: do not run dnf update inside the desktop. Not until this problem is fixed, anyway: Fedora Devs Warn Users Not to Run "dnf update" Inside a Desktop on Fedora 24.
Fedora 24
Authored by: tingo on Saturday, February 25 2017 @ 13:14 CET
I finally upgraded my laptop from Fedora 23 (F23) to fedora 24 (F24). the
upgrade process was painless, and everything worked afterwards (even my
rEFInd boot manager). Nice!
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