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 Saturday, September 22 2018 @ 08:11 CEST


NewsThe RetroPie Project is a collection of works that all have the overall goal to turn the Raspberry Pi into a dedicated retro-gaming console.

The project uses Raspbian as OS at the bottom and integrates a large set of emulators for a wide variety of computer systems from the past decades.

The RetroPie Setup Script lets you install and configure all the emulators, front-ends, drivers, and other components for your retro-gaming console.

Version 1.9 of the RetroPie SD-card includes emulators for the following systems:

  • Amiga (UAE4All)
  • Apple II (LinApple)
  • Apple Macintosh (Basilisk II)
  • Armstrad CPC (CPC4RPi)
  • Arcade (PiFBA, Mame4All-RPi)
  • Atari 800
  • Atari 2600 (RetroArch)
  • Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon
  • C64 (VICE)
  • CaveStory (NXEngine)
  • Doom (RetroArch)
  • Duke Nukem 3D
  • Final Burn Alpha (RetroArch)
  • Game Boy Advance (gpSP)
  • Game Boy Color (RetroArch)
  • Game Gear (Osmose)
  • Intellivision (RetroArch)
  • MAME (RetroArch)
  • MAME (AdvMAME)
  • NeoGeo (GnGeo)
  • NeoGeo (Genesis-GX, RetroArch)
  • Sega Master System (Osmose)
  • Sega Megadrive/Genesis (DGEN, Picodrive)
  • Sega Mega-CD (Picodrive)
  • Sega 32X (Picodrive)
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (RetroArch)
  • N64 (Mupen64Plus-RPi)
  • PC Engine / Turbo Grafx 16 (RetroArch)
  • Playstation 1 (RetroArch)
  • ScummVM
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System (RetroArch, PiSNES, SNES-Rpi)
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Fuse)
  • PC / x86 (rpix86)
  • Z Machine emulator (Frotz)
Wow, just wow!

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Authored by: tingo on Monday, December 12 2016 @ 20:36 CET
RetroPie 4.1 was released on November 5th, 2016.
Useful Tips to Improve Emulation Performance in RetroPie
Authored by: tingo on Thursday, September 13 2018 @ 23:00 CEST
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