EPOC upgrades and Norwegian keyboards

Saturday, October 05 2002 @ 15:47 CEST

Contributed by: twa

By Tor Willy Austerslått

As you already know, PsionTeklogix have upgraded the EPOC OS to support Ethernet, GPRS, ISDN, WLAN and whatnot. There is an earlier story here on that.

What you might not know is that as soon as you load your Norwegian netBook up with any of the downloadable OS upgrades, your keyboard magically turns into a UK one (or whatever language version you downloaded). That's right; most of the special keys with national characters (, , ), semicolon, comma, tilde and so forth are all in the wrong places or missing. The reason is simply that the UK, German, Spanish, French and US upgrades do not care about your Norwegian keyboard. Also, EPOC has no way of defining keyboard layouts in the control panel, and since the keyboard was my main reason for upgrading from a 5mx to a netBook in the first place, I found this quite a sour deal.

If you don't want to type using ctrl-sequences (and you probably won't), here's what you do:

Until PsionTeklogix comes out with a Norwegian OS upgrade, this is what you will have to get by on. This method is - as said before - a general purpose keyboard remapper. It does not know about Norwegian Psion keyboards per se, it simply knows what to display when such and such key is pressed.

Oh, and one more thing: without actually having tested this, I think the keyboard.dat file here also suits Danish netBooks. Swedish ones will not work as is, since them Swedes have a slightly different alphabet from Norway. Changing a couple of keypresses to let your netBook become Swedish again should be easy.

Known issues:
The apostrophe character seems to have disappeared from the character map. All I get when I type Ctrl-39 is an "" on the release 158 ROM. Because of this, the apostrophe key yields something that is not-quite-an-apostrophe. If you find the missing apostrophe (or fix the keyboard.dat file), let me know.

Keyboard Layouter 0.91beta: http://www.pagerealm.com/bodo/KeybLayout.htm
Alternative download location: http://geekinfo.net/files/keybLayout.zip
Norwegian keyboard layout for Keyboard Layouter: http://geekinfo.net/files/keyboard.dat