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 Thursday, January 17 2019 @ 02:45 CET

New netBook OS

Psion PDA

Psion Teklogix have released a new version of the netBook OS; release 158. Since the netBook's appearance three years ago, not much have happened in the upgrades and bugfix department, although a buggy OS upgrade got leaked a few weeks ago.

The new OS release fixes some bugs and adds quite a lot of functionality to the netBook, finally making it earn its name.

  • Ethernet. Support is now included for LAN, rLAN, IrLan and 802.11 (Lucent and Cisco) PC cards. Ethernet settings are available in the System Control Panel. Enabled Ethernet settings can be used to access the internet in a similar manner to other internet connections.
  • Opera 5 as default browser. The old Symbian browser and Opera 3.16 are gone for good.
  • nFTP. Yes, that's right; a fully featured FTP client on your netBook.
  • NetStatRF. A tool for measuring signal strength on your wireless LAN card.
  • Support for GPRS and ISDN.


  • InfraRed sending of contacts is now fully supported.
  • File copying issues are now resolved.
  • Agenda Preferences issues are now resolved.
  • Contacts labels issues are now resolved.

    Did they forget something? I sure could have used an SSH client. Getting MindTerm to work on a Psion is just too much hassle. Also the number of NIC's supported seems a little on the lean side. It's probably too late to get all the major manufacturers to write drivers for the netBook, but atleast now we have the ability to plug in anything at all.

    The OS is available in US, UK, French, German and Spanish languages. Scandinavians should use the UK one. Download from Registration needed.


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    Actually, there IS another SSH client available
    Authored by: egilDOTnet on Friday, September 13 2002 @ 12:06 CEST
    Its sourceforged, available here.
    You can also see a screenshot of it in action at this address. Am not able to translate the text for you there though... :/
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