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 Thursday, January 17 2019 @ 02:49 CET

Symbian goes open source - sort of

Psion PDASymbian, makers of the operating system found in gadgets like the Psion PDAs, Nokia 7650 and 9210, Sony Ericsson P800 and a lot of other machinery, announced that they will open up most of the source to third party software and hardware developers under something called the "Symbian Platinum Program". Not a bad idea, considering the amount of guessing and hacking around that has to be done when writing useful software for e.g. EPOC.

Will we finally be able to plug stuff into our netBooks now?

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Symbian goes open source - sort of | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Open source? It doesn\'t smell like it
Authored by: tingo on Friday, April 26 2002 @ 13:42 CEST
Hmm,, this looks more like a "you can have access to the source if you pay for it" deal.
All they talked about in the press release was companies and "larger groups".
OPL as Open Source
Authored by: tingo on Saturday, August 23 2003 @ 22:26 CEST
You now have OPL for Symbian OS. Seems that only mobile phones are supported, though.
Symbian Open Source community center
Authored by: tingo on Saturday, August 23 2003 @ 23:38 CEST
SymbianOS, Symbian Open Source Community Center,and Symbian Open Source. Her are a list of other projects. Then there is GnuPoc, if you need to develop on a unix platform. LinPoch. Finally, the book Programming Psion Computers (PDF format).
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