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Furbeowulf Cluster Computing

NewsFrom "When Linux was first ported to the Furby platform, it suffered from significant stability and performance problems, which gave the Furby an unfortunate reputation as being unsuitable for enterprise-level computing. The conversion of the IRS and NASA computing facilities to Furby-based platforms towards the end of 1999 was seen by many as premature and may have contributed to the problems experienced by those departments during 2000 which did nothing to improve the Furby's image in corporate America. To be fair, however, it should be noted that Furbys placed in IRS telephone support positions received no more complaints than their human counterparts and studies showed that they provided a comparable level of accuracy in their answers to taxpayer questions".

Worth a visit, just for the pictures alone. Go there now!

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Authored by: tingo on Saturday, September 29 2001 @ 14:17 CEST
Maybe it's time for a humor section on this site?
  • Huh? - Authored by: twa on Saturday, September 29 2001 @ 18:07 CEST
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